The Australasian Talent Conference was held last week in Sydney, June 21-22.  Whether you were fortunate enough to attend or missed this year's ATC, take a look at our run down of the event here...

It’s true. Engaging a contingent workforce comes with a host of advantages: flexibility, access to specialist skills, a boost to productivity & output, reduced head-count, AND reduced talent costs… name just a few!

However, to achieve these benefits the only way to go is BEST PRACTICE.

So…we’ve provided the basic road-map (in the form of the four videos below) for you to achieve a best practice contractor management program. The Four Pillars of Best Practice Contractor Management.


Is Your Contingent Workforce in a Twist? 

The workforce of today continues to evolve. One of the major shifts is the move to a greater percentage of non-permanent workers. Technology, shifting demographics, economic uncertainty and globalisation all play a part in this current workplace dynamic. Managing workforce complexity requires a new set of skills, strategies and tools to optimise the entire worker population: from contingent worker to senior manager, the Total Talent Management approach is more relevant today than ever before.A
On Day One of the ATC Annual Conference, Darren Morris – Head of Client Services at CXC Global, hosted a World Café roundtable, focusing on TTM. The round table session explored Total Talent Management, the myth or the reality.  The discussion uncovered what TTM looks like within Australian companies, what’s holding companies back, the successes of organisations like Viva Energy, AND a look at the future for TTM.


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The essentials... #FourPillars of best-practice contingent workforce management... 

If you missed this robust discussion on the organisational expectations - and realities - of TTM, click here to learn more about the questions that were posed and the answers that discussion revealed.

ATC 2017 Annual Conference: DAY 1


On day 1 of the ATC 2017 Annual Conference, of the many fantastic presentations we were lucky enough to enjoy, the concept of Total Talent Management is one we want to comment on the most, given the learnings are so important for better engagement of contingent workers into an organisation.

Here are some of what we learned, relating to Total Talent Management:

We interviewed Trevor Vas, CEO of ATC, on his takeaways from Day 1 at the #ATC2017 Annual Conference.   As always, we were excited to hear Trevor’s insights from Day One’s high calibre speakers…

The Wrap from From ATC Host, Trevor Vas

Engaging talent - contingent or perm - requires human connection for prospective workers to feel inspired & elevated. Positive HR language & a positive recruitment process goes a long way to achieve this.....

We held a Virtual Reality gaming competition this year at the ATC, which saw many delegates having a BALL!

The supreme gamer of the event, and lucky WINNER of two tickets to ED SHEERAN'S Sydney gig, in 2018 is.....

Jodie Fuller from Origin Energy

Nick Jones, Talent Acquisition Lead for Viva Energy spoke with Paul Chiswick of CXC Global, about Viva's Total Talent Management success.

You can read more about the Q&A session with Nick from Viva, by clicking below.

Total Talent Management: Viva Energy

Data and analytics are no longer the future for HR and Recruitment professionals. They're right here today helping organisations to better understand and better engage talent. And this applies across all categories talent - permanent AND contingent - data driven decisions are driving success for forward-thinking organisations, RIGHT NOW.

Take a look at some of our gamers in action!

Drawings by Rebecca Lazenby

Today's workplace continues to change rapidly. The rules for successful talent engagement have changed. The almighty dollar no longer holds the power. Authenticity, clear and true organisational values, diversity and flexibility are increasingly sought after.

Drawings by Rebecca Lazenby


Here are some of the best Tweets from this year's #ATC2017...

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Drawings by Rebecca Lazenby

Innovation was a constant theme at this year's event. Not only in the realm of technology, but across all facets of talent attraction, engagement, integration and management. The confidence to innovate - at both an organisational and talent level - looks like the key to business success.

Drawings by Rebecca Lazenby

Conference Presentations? Right here!

Like to catch-up on ALL the conference action? Click here, to access the presentations from all the speakers at this year's event.